LCL consolidation advantage and disadvantage

Roselex D.

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The advantagd of consolidation of shipments is the process of combining several smaller shipments from different senders to reduce transport costs
Which is favorable to the importer. The goods are transported in one container, which allows for reducing the shipping freight and destination charges from shipping line. Other term is Loose Container Load Cargo

Disadvantage of consolidated shipment:
The disadvantage of consolidated shipment if your package is urgent to transport and you want to book as LCL or loose cargo, you cant expedite the delivery because we need to fulfill all the available space in one container, if is not fix season or ber months, it will take a time or weeks to book one (1) container under LCL cargo.In my conclusion, there is a possibility that you can meet the deadline.

What is the consolidation of parcels?

Consolidation of shipments consists of different shipments but same port of destination and different senders of one (1) consolidated container

Pravin K.

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Hi Roselex,

I would like to add some disadvantages to the above from my experience,

If we take a container, it will be discharged from the vessel in one or two days. For LCL, they will take the container to the port warehouse, they will unload and palletize the goods. This generally takes 7 to 8 days and these days New York is congested it is taking 15 days.

If anyone client in the container fails to file ISF, then the entire container will be on custom hold and everyone will be charged and as well no one can take the goods until the custom hold is cleared