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Amro A.

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Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amro and I'm from the Netherlands. I was in the transportation industry for almost all my life. I went from being a courier as an employee to being a container shipping freight forwarder as an entrepreneur. I really grew from one role to the other. And with the internet evolving more and more I adopted my internet marketing skills into my shipping business.

Now I'm starting this platform for freight forwarders and shippers so we can meet, learn and do business together in this ever-evolving industry. The reason I started this is that I always had problems with finding partners which I could trust and do business with as well as staying up to date with market changes and changes in country regulations as well.

So there was a gap that I want to fill up with this brand-new platform. I'm very excited and I hope you are too about this new every improving venture and we hope you can learn and contribute here as much as I will and I hope to see you at the forums to engage with all of us!


Ferlita T.

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Thank you for a warm welcome Amro.

I am Ferlita Tamba, I am a Licensed Customs Broker. I have 10 years of working experiences in the logistics industries. I've worked for several system software like Brokonet, Cargowise and SAP. I am here to share my knowledge and expertise for this forum.

Thank you.
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