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  1. Amro A.

    What's the biggest multimodal shipment you did?

    Hi, I was wondering, what is the biggest multimodal shipment you ever did in your career? I have done 24 containers in one time to Indonesia. I had to transport around 400 km inland to Bandung and deliver the cargo there. It was quite a project but I enjoyed it since it almost went flawless, at...
  2. Amro A.

    What is the booking time for an Antonov?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the booking time for an Antonov airfreight charter is still around 2 years prior to flying? I know that the booking time was very long before but is this still the same?
  3. Amro A.

    How can we improve?

    Hi everyone, When creating a new community, there is always room for improvement! That way you keep your edge in the market. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve? Please let us know since we are here for you so you have a saying in this too! Do you think we need to improve the...
  4. Amro A.

    Does anyone know Waberer's?

    Hi, Does anyone know Waberer's? I have come across them a lot and they seem to have very competitive rates but I have never used them before. They come from eastern Europe and they have a large trucking fleet. I have requested a rate from them once and the rate was almost too good to be through...
  5. Amro A.

    When is rail freight interesting to offer to clients?

    Hi, Since I come from the Netherlands, I have never used rail freight before since we use airfreight, sea freight and road freight as our main shipping modes. Sometimes we use barges to ship containers inland but it's not common to use rail freight. When would it be interesting to make this...
  6. Amro A.

    What's a sharp rate for cargo insurance?

    Hi, I have insured cargo in the past for clients and I have done this through cargo insurance agents as well as shipping lines themself but I want to know what's a good rate in terms of percentages of the shipment's value?
  7. Amro A.

    When does the liability end with FOB?

    Hi all, Can someone tell me when the liability ends for an exporter when using FOB as a shipping method? So when the exporter ships FOB, when does his responsibility end?
  8. Amro A.

    What's the process of a letter of credit?

    Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with dealing with letters of credit. I have done it once only. Can someone explain the process of managing this process? Thanks!
  9. Amro A.

    When should you choose a house BL?

    Hi, I am wondering, does anyone know when it's better to request a house BL or an ocean BL? And what are the differences in instructions I need to hand over?
  10. Amro A.

    What are the regulations for jeans to the usa?

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone knows what the regulations are for shipping jeans to the usa. I know there some rules to the matter but I don't remember exactly what they are. Do anyone know?
  11. Amro A.

    Airfreight Quote Request Amsterdam (Netherlands) > Shanghai (China)

    Please quote quickly!
  12. Amro A.

    Good day and nice to meet you!

    Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amro and I'm from the Netherlands. I was in the transportation industry for almost all my life. I went from being a courier as an employee to being a container shipping freight forwarder as an entrepreneur. I really grew from one role to...