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  1. Martin M.

    Approved Freight Forwarders In China

    Hello, I'm planning to source goods from China via airfreight. Any leads on how I can get an approved freight forwarder to assist in customs brokerage and flight bookings? Thanks, Martin.
  2. Martin M.

    IATA Cargo TACT Rules and Rates

    Hello Forwarders! I'm in the process of quoting a large project shipment. We plan to use airfreight for the entire journey. Where can I get IATA Cargo TACT rules and rates? Thank you, Martin.
  3. Martin M.


    Hello, I need to send a pet(dog) from South Africa to the USA via London Heathrow.What is the PTS fee for a 48Hrs stay at HARC before the pet catches the next flight Ex-LHR? Thank you, Martin.
  4. Martin M.

    Difference between MAWB and HAWB

    What is the difference between a house airwaybill and a master airwaybill?